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Hermann Lotze


The Hermann Lotze Prize

The International Szklarska Poreba Center for Experimental Philosophy & Pragmasemantics has awarded its first Lotze Medal in 2009. The Medal is given in honour of Rudolf Herman Lotze, one of the greatest experimental philosophers of the 19th century and a staunch friend of the founders of the Centre. It is awarded annually to scientists who have made significant contributions to experimental philosophy and pragmasemantics. The internal consistency, coherence and significance of the nominee’s research programme is important, not the uniformity with current mainstream paradigms.

An international committee of distinguished scientists selects the winners from a list of nominated candidates. The committee membership is for a regular period of four years. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 10 November of the year before the prize cerenomy. You can download the "Nomination Form". Submitting an informal nomination is possible.

The Lotze Medal is not awarded to Nobel Laureates, winners of the Rolf Nevanlinna Prize, or Rumelhart Prize winners.

It is easy to show that in the interaction between body and soul there lies no greater riddle than in any other example of causation,
and that only the false conceit that we understand something of the one case, excites our astonishment that we understand nothing of the other.

- Rudolf Hermann Lotze

For further information, please write to prize@hlotze.com

Prize Committee

The Medallist


Peter beim Graben

University of Reading, U.K.

Excerpt from the laudatio by Hans-Martin Gärtner

Prize Ceremony

2010 Michiel van Lambalgen

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fritz Hamm

University of Tübingen,

Excerpt from the laudatio by Anton Benz

Prize Ceremony

2011 Peter Bosch

University of Osnabrück,
Excerpt from the laudatio by Markus Egg
2012 Peter Gärdenfors

University of Lund,
Excerpt from the laudatio by Peter beim Graben 
2013 Heinrich Wansing

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
Excerpt from the laudatio by Klaus Robering 
2015 Sonja Smets

ILLC, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Excerpt from the laudation by Reinhard Blutner
and some pictures of the prize ceremony
2016 Louise McNally

Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Bercelona, Spain
Excerpt from the laudation by Berit Gehrke
2021 TN Thomas Noll

the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Spain
Excerpt from the ceremony
2022 Maria Mannone

University of Palermo, Italy
Excerpt from the ceremony
2023 AP  Andrés Pomi

Universidad de a República, Montevideo, Uruguay
Excerpt from the ceremony

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